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Fifth Graders Create Informational Stop Motion Documentary

5th Grade Stop Motion On June 20, Frankfort-Schuyler’s fifth grade students presented their informational stop motion documentaries to parents, classmates and teachers. The project, which students began work on in April, was an interdisciplinary unit which involved visual art, science and music. The students worked on different aspects of this project with Mrs. Watson, Mr. Oberlies and Mr. Hance.


In the films, students were able to show their knowledge of different concepts learned in science class this year, including simple machines, biological life cycles and the importance of recycling. Students built their movie sets and sculptures in art class using various mediums including paper and clay. The projects were documented utilizing a stop motion animation app on the students’ Chromebooks and accompanied by music they composed and arranged with Mr. Hance using an online sequencer.


This was an enriching project for students to complete as they had to show mastery of their science coursework, collaborate to create both art and music, and practice using various pieces of technology.


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