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2019 Spirit of Frankfort-Schuyler Bios

James Caiola

Mr. Caiola has demonstrated his on-going support for the Frankfort-Schuyler Central School students, programs and activities through his active involvement in the Frankfort Kiwanis.  As past president (2016-2017) and current president (2018-2019) he has successfully lead he club in upholding the many traditions that help our children in the community like the Gram Lorraine Holiday Gift project, the Punt, Pass and Kick contest, the High School Faculty vs. Kiwanis Basketball Game, Awarding Scholarships for High School students, food drives, and more.  He has always said one of the best things he has ever done was join the Frankfort Kiwanis Club – not only because of their mission but because of the brotherhood he feels with its members.

As a father of a Frankfort-Schuyler student, you’ll find Mr. Caiola through the years showing his school spirit at Football games, soccer games, track, volleyball – sometimes behind the lens of a camera capturing the many faces of the Frankfort-Schuyler Central School District students and their families.  And often printing those moments for the families, not because of his profession, but because he knows how important those pictures will be some day of their children.

Mr. Caiola has demonstrated a record of caring and compassion of others through his involvement not only with the Kiwanis Cub, but as a Volunteer with the Frankfort Fire Department and Addolorata Society.  You’ll find him often in the kitchen in his apron helping out with fish fries and chicken barbecues.  As a Village Trustee, he takes pride in making Frankfort a better place for all of us to live in.  Whether it’s the simple act of decorating lamp posts with cornstalks and scarecrows throughout the Village or handing out hot chocolate and donuts at Christmas time at the Marina.

In his 30+ years at Prints Charles Photography studio, there are countless stories from his clients of how generous and compassionate he is towards the children from nursery schools to elementary schools.  The many times he surprised families and gave them a portrait package of their child even though they couldn’t afford it.  He has welcomes the homeless and strangers in his studio on Bleecker Street – whether they were looking for work to earn extra money, or just wanted someone to listen to them tell their story.  Mr. Caiola always opened his mind and his heart to them.  Sometimes he would just buy them a coffee and a pastry at Florentine.

Community Service is about focusing on someone else other than yourself and when you do, you promote positive feelings, optimism and joy.  Mr. Caiola lives his life on a daily basis driven by service to his community, his family and his friends.  He learned at a young age and will continue to live by the proverb, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”


Lewis Licari

Mr. Lewis Licari is a 1977 graduate of the Frankfort-Schuyler Central School.  Mr. Licari has donated many hours to Kiwanis, where he has held various positions, and to Scouts of America Frankfort Troop 1 and Pack 30.  By giving his time, Mr. Licari has helped the youth in our community to mature into self-assured, mature members of society.

Mr. Licari has been a Scout Master for many years for Troop 1 and took the time and effort to create and organize Pack 30 so there would be cub scouts in our community.  Over the years, he has helped many to earn the rank of Eagle Scout.  Mr. Licari has always led by example, showing the young scouts how to act and survive in the world through exposing them to various situations they would experience in their lives.  He worked with each scout as an individual to guide them through earning their badges, which allowed each scout to move up through the ranks to finally achieving the most prestigious rank of all, Eagle Scout.

The troop went on many trips, such as:  a week of camping at Camp Russell; weekend camping and hiking trips; and week-long trips to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Plymouth, Massachusetts for the appreciation of the history of our country.  Mr. Licari felt the youth learned through exploring and he always encouraged them to ask questions and observe what was occurring around them.

Mr. Licari also believed in strong leadership; for example, as badges were earned, each scout was given more responsibility, from Troop Librarian to Patrol Leader and eventually Junior Assistant Scout Master.  In turn, each scout had to work with younger scouts, teaching them how to earn the next rank or badge; the passing on of knowledge.

For all his accomplishments in scouting as a Scout Master, Mr. Licari has been honored by National Scouting of America with one of its highest honors – the Silver Beaver.

Mr. Licari was also a member of the Frankfort Volunteer Fire Department, for 15 years.   He also served the Department as an Assistant Chief.

Corey Scialdo

Mr. Corey Scialdo graduated from Frankfort-Schuyler with the Class of 1988.  Mr. Scialdo was a graduate of Syracuse University and prior to his passing on July 6, 2013, he was employed as the Comptroller for Rome Memorial Hospital.

Mr. Scialdo was a proud member of the Frankfort community.  He was a parishioner of Our Lady Queen of Apostles, as well as an active member of the St. Francis DiPaola Society.  His love for children and athletics will be remembered by all.  His excitement and encouragement for youth to participate in athletic programs has also been recognized by a memorial located at the Hilltop fields.  Mr. Scialdo was actively involved with the Frankfort Youth Association.  He served as Assistant Coach and Board Member for the Frankfort Jr. Knights, Pop Warner Football.  Mr. Scialdo also served as a Youth Basketball Coach, as well as a coach for Frankfort Little League Baseball.

Mr. Scialdo’s legacy will continue through his children who are currently Frankfort-Schuyler students.  His son Dominick is in 11th grade and daughter Demi is in 9th grade.

Affectionately known as “Stu,” he will live on in our hearts as one of the greatest friends, role model for youth, and the true meaning of “Spirit of Frankfort-Schuyler.”