• History is a kind of introduction to more interesting people than we can possibly meet in our restricted lives; let us not neglect the opportunity.


    - Dexter Perkins




  • *******************School closure materials*************


    Dear students and parents,


    I am providing you with review material to work on for Global History and Geography I while school is closed.  All of the topics have been previously covered in class. This is our review packet for the end of the year, so I am essentially just shifting our timeline around and when we would usually be reviewing, we will cover the material that we missed during these 3 weeks.  Do your best to complete the event page and corresponding concept map for each topic. Please try and complete these without using any resources first to see what you know. Once you have done this, you may access our previous assignments on google classroom for support.  You may also use the internet but please make sure you are using credible sources.  


    I will be posting this in google classroom and is available to be mailed home upon request to the main office.  I will also post additional updates on google classroom and also will be mailing home additional materials as time progresses.


    This is also a good time for students to check google classroom and work on any assignments that they have not completed.


    Please reach out to me with any questions, concerns or just to say hi! I will be checking my email regularly.  lcoffin@frankfort-schuyler.org.   Thank you!


    Mrs. Coffin

     Global History:

    Global History I Topics Review Sheets and Concept Maps


    Participation in Government:

    Week 1: Political Party Inquiry: See Google Classroom.

    Week 2: Media Literacy Assignments 1 & 2: See Google Classroom.


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