• Fun Home Activities

    Posted by Gina Klein on 3/29/2020 3:00:00 PM

    I hope everyone is doing well at home! Here is another great FREE website to access online learning with interactive videos in all subject areas and all grade levels. Just create an account using an email.  



    2D shapes (with labels) Posters

    Shape Challenge: walk around your house and find different shapes. Example: door=rectangle, table=circle




    Practice Time: make a daily schedule and write down times of all of your activities. Don't forget to add P.M. and A.M.

    Here is an example of my daily schedule:


    6:30am: wake up

    7:00am: feed dog and cat

    7:30am: have coffee and read paper

    8:00am: start working at my computer

    11:00am: exercise

    11:30am: shower and dress

    12:00pm: lunch

    12:30pm: continue working

    3:30pm: do laundry

    3:45pm: bring dog for a walk

    5:00pm: feed dog and cat

    5:30pm: cook dinner

    6:15pm: eat dinner

    7:30pm: walk dog

    7:45pm: read a book

    8:00pm: draw a picture

    8:30pm: watch TV

    10:00pm: go to sleep

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  • Keep Track of Work at Home

    Posted by Gina Klein on 3/23/2020 12:30:00 PM

    Good afternoon FSES parents and students! I hope you are all doing well. Everyone should have received your packets by now, if not, please contact me or the main office. The goal is to complete one ELA and one Math sheet a day, as well as 15-20 minutes of reading, and 10-15 minutes practicing skills.

    Here are some additional websites with free resources for kids:



    PBSKIDS.org also offers a free online newsletter that has activities and tips to help kids play and learn at home. PBS television programming includes good shows like Wild Kratts, Peg and Cat, or Cyberchase.

    Tell your students I am proud of their hard work and dedication!

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  • How to keep in contact

    Posted by Gina Klein on 3/18/2020

    Good afternoon parents! While our school is closed I will be posting on the website as well as sending messages through Class Dojo. When you recieve your packet in the mail, please send a Dojo so I know you have it and I know who has access to Dojo. If not, you can email me at: gklein@frankfort-schuyler.org

    I will still be keeping track of student work and progress using our sticker chart. Students may either email or DoJo a photo of their completed work or may send a quick email of what they have done at home to continue their academic progress. As an example, they may tell me they read for 20 minutes, wrote in a journal, etc. 

    When they return to school, they may collect their prize from the bin! 

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