• As a result of the changes to the Frankfort-Schuyler CSD reopening plan with the high school being virtual for at least the first 10 weeks, any student in my English classes - 9th grade and Senior Research / Personal Project - NO LONGER NEEDS TO PURCHASE ANYTHING ON THE SUPPLY LIST GIVEN AT THE END OF THE 2020 SCHOOL YEARTHE ONLY PAPER ITEM REQUIRED IS FOR STUDENTS TO HAVE A PLANNER / AGENDA TO USE TO TRACK ASSIGNMENTS, ZOOM MEETINGS, ETC.


    Considering students will be given a chromebook to complete work on, which will travel from home to school, our reopening plan has the high school potentially returning on a hybrid (partially virtual) schedule during the school year, and information from the CDC still identifies the transmission of Covid-19 can occur from surfaces, I will be making ALL WORK DIGITAL.


    Therefore, on a daily basis, students will only need:

    1. their fully charged chromebook,
    2. a writing utensil,
    3. and their planner / agenda to track assignments, Zoom meetings, etc. 


    Items that are suggested for students to bring with them include personal hand sanitizer and travel sized tissues. 

    I will work with students and parents in the first week to help organize a working study space at home to best maximize organization, time management, focus, and work time as I fully understand how challenging it can be working from home.

    If you have any questions, please email me at Thank you and I look forward to working with you this year!

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