Hello. Students will be recieving a packet hopefully by the end of the week. Within the packet you will find the following letter:


    Dear Families,


    In this packet you will find review work for your child. This is NOT something we expect to be done all at once, however we do encourage students to work on these items a little at a time. Please, encourage your child to put forth their best efforts, use the strategies taught, and support their details with evidence from the text. 

    Below you will find a list of your child’s usernames and passwords for the various on-line resources we have. Should you have access to the internet and a device, these are great resources for your child to continue their review. Please refer to classroom websites for specific on-line assignments. 

    We are encouraging the students to work on school based activities for approximately two hours a day (please break this time up accordingly). All enclosed work should be completed by Friday, April 3, 2020. Students should also take the time to play outside and spend time with their families. Remember, proper hygiene is key in keeping healthy children. Remind your child to wash their hands frequently, cover coughs/sneezes with elbows and sleeves, and maintain proper distance from others. 

    Should you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. 


    The Fifth Grade Team

    IXL Username:


    IXL Password:

    Sheppard Software- needs no signon. 

     I also have a page for how to solve add /subtract fractions and long division, along with reducing fractions.  Also, for IXL all stared work can be completed.


    Contact Information: Please feel free to reach me at the school at any time. The phone number is 315-895-7491. If you would rather reach me via e-mail, my email is roberlies@frankfort-schuyler.org