• Oh how I miss you all.  These last few weeks have left me struggling just as much as you, I'm sure, as I miss my daily routine of coming to school and working with each of you.


    Thanks to everyone who has reached out asking about assigned work, things to do or those just checking in.  I hope that you're all well.  Regarding keeping pace with work these few weeks.  All assignments are posted to Google Classroom.  

    For each course, Math 8, Algebra, and Geometry, there are options of activities for you to chose from.  Both paper copies, which can be printed or mailed home if you call the office, as well as interactive online videos and practice if you prefer.  Choose whichever format fits your physical needs (computer/internet availability) as well as your learning style preferece.  

    Please do not panic or stress.  Do what you can with what you have avaialble.  All I ask is that you do something.... to keep your brains fluid and working during this time of extraordinary circumstances.  

    Until we meet again, stay healthy, stay safe and enjoy the quality time home with family.  


    All my best,

    Mrs. Newtown 

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  • Math 8 Supplies

    3-ring binder


    TI-34 Multi-view Calculator (recommended not required) 

  • Math 8 Accelerated Algebra Supplies

    3-ring binder


    TI- nSpire Graphing Calculator (recommended not required)