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Degrees and Certifications:

Syracuse University Certified Social Studies 7-12

Mrs. Cleveland

I am a former Frankfort-Schuyler student and a member of the Graduating class of 1999.  My kids and I are current residents of the village Frankfort. I graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelors in Social Studies and Education, and hold a Masters Degree from Torro College.  I have been teaching Social Studies here since 2004.  I am looking forward to a great school year and can't wait to get started. This year I will be teaching 10th grade Global History and Geography, and Introduction to Sociology and Introduction to Sociology and Psychology.   
Assignments on the calendar are due on the date given.  Any late homework that is not handed in on the due date will receive a maximum grade of 65% and will only be accepted up until a designated time before the end of the five week marking period.  All classroom policies are listed in further detail on the class outline that you and your child must sign and return to me on Friday September 6th. 
Please feel free to contact me at the school anytime. 
Due to classes not in session now:
These are the regents review materials for each chapter that we have covered so far this year.

**All of this is will be mailed to you today Tuesday March 17th. If a student wants to do this online you may use Google classroom to get your work. It should all be turned in to me in class Tuesday April 14th. If you finish early relax and please rest up. I have added a calendar of suggestions on to how to manage your work load during this time away. Your main concern now is to stay healthy and help in your household. I miss you and hope to see you all soon. All work will be sent home along with it being available online**

To help you manage your time here is a calendar of suggested due dates. Please do not try to hand in work early. The due dates are for your time management. None of this is new material so please take note of any questions that you did not understand so we can pay special attention to them.
10th Grade Global
Please read the section review and your knowledge of Social Studies to answer the questions. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have. Do the best you can. Feel free to look at your notes from this year.
Chapter One Review     due 3/25/20
Chapter Two Review     due 3/27/20
Chapter Three Review   due 3/30/20
Chapter Four Review    due 4/01/20
Chapter Five Review     due 4/03/20
Chapter Six Review      due 4/14/20
Introduction to Psychology
Chapter One Packet Review due 4/14/20
(more information to follow after the college contacts me)
New Information as of April 17th, 2020
Due to school still being closed I have sent hard copies of materials to every student. These materials are also on Google Classroom.  Please let me know if you have not recieved them by April 24th, 2020
I will Zoom with the 10th grade Global Studies classes at 11:00 on Monday and Wednesday
I will zoom with the Introduction to Psychology students on Monday at 12:00
The zoom information is on thier google classroom site
This will be done every week we are not in school.
I will hold office hours every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
Please stay well and keep in touch.