Mr. Adasek

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree in Social Studies, Master's Degree in Reading Education, Permanant Certification in Social Studies 7-12, and Permanant Certification in Reading Education K-12.

Mr. Adasek

ECON 12: Currently reopen date is 4/15.  Reminder to keep up with assignments on google classroom.  The Fed research is due Monday 3/30 and additional assignents will be posted 3/31 and due 4/13.  Remember to also keep up on HS packet and College Now Project.  If we do not reopen 4/15, journal entries and additional assignments will be posted on that day.  Stay safe, smart, and positive!!!!
SS8: .  Currently the reopen date is 4/15.  If so, please bring journals as we will do a series of entries reviewing where we were, connecting to where we are going, and trying to make as much sense out of current events as we can.  If not, we will do the entries via google and additional assignments will be posted on that date.  If in need of hard copies, we will be sure you receive.  For now, complete the Presidential Analysis and check in with any questions and for our HISTORY TRIVIA OF THE DAY on google classroom.  Stay smart, safe and positive!!!!!
I have been teaching and/or coaching at Frankfort-Schuyler since 1996. I am currently part of the Social Studies department and Head Coach of the Girls Basketball Program. I take pride in both my profession and the school district that I am fortunate enough to be a part of. This year I will be teaching Econ 12 (College Now), Social Studies 8, and AIS for Social 8. Course description is below:
Econ 12 (College Now)This course is designed to familiarize students with the economy as a whole, inluding such topics as scarcity, inflation, production and employment, money and banking, supply and demand, fiscal and monetary policy, economic growth and development, economic interdependence, and international trade.
Social Studies 8: This course explores the heroic people, tragedies and inspiring storylines of U.S. history. These amazing stories have made the U.S. what it is today.  
Grading Policy for Social 8Each of the four marking periods count as 20% of final course averages. The midterm and final exam make up the remaining 20% (10% each) of the final course averages.
Within the marking periods, test grades will count as two grades and quizzes will count as one. Homework, classwork, and class participation, will be calculated into a quiz grade each marking period. Students will be allowed to hand in assignments one day late with a 10 point deduction. No late work will be accepted more than one day late. Journal entries will also count as a quiz grade each marking period. Journals will be collected and graded every 10 weeks.
Note: Increased research with chromebooks will be taking place.  This will include work being handed in both "old school ways" and being submitted electronically.  Please remember that any form of cheating, including but not limited to plagiarism, is considered academic misconduct. 
Class Rule is to not disrupt the learning process.  Students disrupting the learning of others will be disciplined.  All students will receive a warning followed by contact home and detention if necessary.
Girls Basketball Program: Please check out the basketball page for summer hoops info, fall hoops info, regular season info, and post-season info. Good Luck Lady Knights!
If you have any questions, please contact me at your convenience.