• Procedures for School Drop-offs, Pick-ups & Visits
    1. Please see the map and procedures for dropping off or picking up students at FSES.
    2. Students should not be on school grounds until 7:45a.m. Students must be supervised at all times. FSES supervision starts at 7:55a.m. At 7:55 a.m., staff will be available to supervise and request that this procedure be followed for the safety of students
    3. Students are to be dropped off in the “Drop-Off Zone” by the cross walk only. Do not drop students off in the parking lot. If you need to come into the building with your child, please park your vehicle on the service road.
    4. Walk your child into the building and cross carefully at the crosswalk to the sidewalk.
    5. Enter our school through the front door. Children are encouraged to walk to class independently.
    6. Please be sure that vehicles do not enter the Bus Zone between 7:30 a.m. and 2:45 p.m.
    7. Please observe the signs that have been posted as you enter the school driveway. (Enter, exit, & one way). When you drop a student off in the “Drop-Off Zone,” the child must exit your vehicle on the right side of your vehicle. Do not pass a vehicle when a student is being dropped off.
    8. After dropping your child off, please carefully proceed to the exit to make room for other parents waiting to drop off students. (Note the one - way flow of traffic.)
    Parent-Pick Up procedures for end of day / during school day
    1. Students must bring a note to school indicating that they will be picked up by a parent or guardian. With out a note your child will ride the bus home.
    2. Park in middle or furthest parking lot. The bus lane in front of the building is reserved for buses.
    3. Enter the school through the main door and proceed to the cafeteria for sign out. To maintain security, standing in the lobby or hall way will not be allowed.
    4. All children must be signed out. Parents must sign students out at the Main Office when picking up their child during the school day, before 2:00 p.m.
    5. At the end of the school day, parents and other individuals assigned to pick up students must report to the cafeteria to sign out the student. Individuals picking-up students should be prepared to show a photo ID if asked. Students will be brought to the cafeteria for dismissal. Students will not be released from their classroom, bus line or bus.
    6. Children will only be released to individuals previously indicated on emergency form.
    7. You must send in a note to grant permission for your child to leave with someone not on the list. Please call the school if dismissal arrangements change after your child has left for school.
    Late arrival
    1. Parents must park their cars and walk their child into the building if you are any later than 8:11 or if staff are not available to escort your child into the building.
    2. Do not drive or park in the fire lane as indicated on the school map.
    3. Parents must report to the office and sign your child in as tardy and the child will receive a pass to go to class.
    School Visit
    1. For the safety of our children, all parents must report to the office and obtain a “Visitor’s Pass” when visiting our school for parties, meetings, etc.
    2. Parents must have prior approval before reporting to classrooms while school is in session.

    Thank you for your assistance with our children’s safety needs at Frankfort-Schuyler School!