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First Aid and Emergency Protocol

First aid is administered at the time an accident occurs and consists of emergency measures that will protect the life of your child until parent(s) are notified and/or authorized treatment is available. The school nurse and other school personnel cannot legally care for injuries that occur at home or away from the school.

If your child becomes ill while at school, he/she must request permission from his/her teacher to go the Health Services Office. Complaints such as stomachache and mild headaches may require the child to lie down in the Health Services Office for a short time. The more serious complaints, i.e., earache, elevated temperature, coughing and trauma at school requires the parent or guardian be notified. If you are notified that your child is ill at school, it is the responsibility of the parent or designated emergency contact person to bring the child home.

In the event of an emergency, it is essential that the school have a current listing of the following:

  1. Home telephone number.
  2. Employer’s telephone number for one or both parents.
  3. The names and telephone numbers of two emergency contact people authorized to act on your behalf.

In the event of a serious emergency (life and death situation) where we cannot reach parent(s) or contact people, an "Authorization for Medical Treatment for Minors" card signed by a parent or legal guardian must be on file.