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Builders Club


Builders Club is open to  ANY middle school student, grades 6-8, who would like to complete service projects to determine:

  • How can we help OUR community?
  • How can we better our school for our students, teachers, and staff?

Builders Club is the middle school level of the elementary's K-Kids and the high school's Key Club.

As a part of the Kiwanis family, Builders Club has over 46,000 members internationally. It provides students with opportunities to develop leadership, improve self-esteem, increase community involvement, and learn life skills through service such as collaboration, communication, creativity, initiative, as well as empathy and compassion for others. As students maneuver this “in-between stage” of life, Builders Club empowers them to be themselves, work together with friends, and to support the needs of their school and community. Through Builders Club, students will become leaders at school, in their community, and in their world, where they will learn they really can make a difference early on in life.