• Accelerated Biology 8 (properly entitled The Living Environment) is a Regents course that explores a wide-range of topics in the biological sciences--the study of living things. A separate laboratory section is included that will serve to fine-tune your skills and enhance what is learned in class.
    Course Outline
    Topic 1:  Inquiry into the Biological Sciences
    Topic 2:  Measurement
    Topic 3:  Chemistry in Biology
    Topic 4:  Cellular Structure and Function
    Topic 5:  Cellular Energy
    Topic 6:  Cellular Reproduction
    Topic 7:  Sexual Reproduction and Genetics
    Topic 8:  Complex Inheritance and Human Heredity
    Topic 9:  Molecular Genetics
    Topic 10:  Genetics and Biotechnology
    Topic 11:  Principles of Ecology
    Topic 12:  Communities, Biomes, and Ecosystems
    Topic 13:  Population Ecology
    Topic 14:  Biodiversity and Conservation
    Topic 15:  Classifying Living Things
    Topic 16:  The History of Life
    Topic 17:  Evolution
    Topic 18:  Primate Evolution
    Topic 19:  Digestive System
    Topic 20:  Transport
    Topic 21:  Excretion
    Topic 22:  Regulation
    Topic 23:  Human Reproduction and Development
    Topic 24:  Locomotion