MATH EXAM 

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    In NYS we are required to give exams in the spring of 3rd through 8th grade to test topics at each grade level.

    The 7th and 8th grade tests are given over a 3-day period for 80 - 90 minutes each day. 

    What's on the test?

    In Math, students must:
      • Answer multiple-choice questions.
      • Answer open-ended questions that require them to show and explain how they arrived at their answer.
      • Read and interpret graphs and tables.
      • Recognize and use signs, symbols and terms that represent mathematical concepts.

    Scores on the test range from 1 to 4.  A score of 1 is considered below the state standard, which means the student will qualify for Math A.I.S..  A score of 2 is at or below the state standard and may also qualify the student for Math A.I.S., depending on the state's cut-off scores, which vary from year to year.  A score of 3 is proficient; a score of 4 is highly proficient.  Math results will usually be available sometime in the fall.

    How can parents help?
      *Set up a designated area for homework and studying.

      *Require your children to complete homework
        assignments, and challenge them to respond in detail to
        writing assignments.
      *Have frequent discussions with your children about
        their studies. 
      *Stay in contact with your child's teachers.

    For more information and links to sample questions, visit http://www.engageny.org/common-core-curriculum-assessments.