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    PHYSICS is the basic science. It forms the foundation of all other sciences, both biological and physical. Physics is essentially the study of matter and energy, the roots of all sciences.
    It involves the study of:
    1. Motion
    2. Forces that affect motion(mechanics)
    3. Waves (sound and light)
    4. Electricity
    5. Magnetism
    6. Atomic physics
    7. Optics
    Materials Required : Loose leaf binder, loose leaf paper, scientific calculator having trig functions for sine, cosine, and tangent, and a writing utensil. We will be using various online texts and a review book.
    The ten week/quarter marking period grades will be based upon the student's accumulated point total earned on tests, quizzes, laboratory reports, and homework grades. Although the actual percentages will vary slightly from quarter to quarter, the approximate percentage for each catergory is given below : 

    Tests ....................55% 
    Quizzes .................20% 
    Lab Reports .......... 20% 
    Homework ............ 10% 


    Quiz avg              17                             20 
    Lab avg               15                             15 
    Test avg              41                             55 
    Homework            8                              10 

    TOTALS               81                            100 

    Student grade is currently = 81%

    Although the graded homework counts only 10 percent, it should be realized that failure to do homework consistently most certainly will result in poor understanding and poor performance on tests. 

    Also, all students in regents science must be aware of the New York State Laboratory Requirement for admission to regents examination in June (or Jan.) : 
    "As a prerequisite for admission to the Regents Examination students must have successfully completed 1200 minutes of hands-on laboratory experience with satisfactory laboratory reports on file."
    State Assessment
    New York State Regents Exam in Physics