Spanish 1A Middle School Home Assignment
    Please note that a checklist of all assignments that should be completed through April 17th has been posted in every student's Spanish google classroom. Please ask your child to see this checklist if you would like to monitor his or her progress. A new lesson on -er and -ir verbs will be posted Tuesday, April 21 with two activities to complete in a weeks time.

    Mrs. Langdon- Spanish 1 Middle School Grades 7 &

    Review Assignment for March 23: There are two tasks this week. Task #1 Listen to the song : Vivir MI Vida and complete an activity that goes with it and Task #2 Work on the new quizlet that I have posted for verbs as well as all the previous quizlets that are posted in our google classroom. When all activties have been completed, send me a picture/screenshot of the "test" results at the end for each quizlet that you complete.

    *Anyone not having internet access, should pick up a copy of review assignments in the High School office.

    Review Assignment for March 19 

    El 19 de marzo 

    Estimados estudiantes y padres,

    I hope this letter finds you all doing well and staying safe and healthy. Due to the unfortunate circumstances that we have all been placed in, I will do my best to provide instruction to you and be available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have regarding our Spanish class for the next few weeks. You can always reach me by email at slangdon@frankfort-schuyler.org and/or send me a message in our google classroom. I will be checking in every day. With that being said, you should check our Spanish google classroom for the March 19th -ar verb review packet that I have uploaded. Please be sure to do the following

    1- Read through the entire packet and note that there are 4 activities that you are expected to complete. The pages that you need for each activity are clearly labeled Act. 1, Act. 2, Act. 3 and Act. 4

    2- You are expected to complete these activities either in our google classroom on the documents that you have to create for activities 1-4 OR if you have picked up a hard copy you can complete each activity in your notebooks (please label Act 1,2,3,4) to turn in when we come back to school

    3- This assignment dated March 19 should be completed by March 26 at the latest. I will be posting another assignment at some point next week that will be due the week after.

    4- Students should also continue to work on any of the past "quizlet" review games that have been previously set up in our google classroom. 

    Thank you in advance. I am confident that my students will do the best that they can do to get through this obstacle, persevere and stay positive to the best of their abilities


    Señora Langdon 

     This will be a full year course that will meet every day for 45 minutes. Students will build on Spanish vocabulary, grammar, listening, writing, and speaking skills. You will also gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures as we learn about different Spanish speaking countries. Every effort is made to expose students to authentic Spanish language through songs, DVDs, videos and various forms of technology integrated in the classroom. Students will be expected to achieve the New York State's learning standards in Languages Other than English at the Checkpoint A level by the end of their 9th grade year. Standard 1- Students will be able to use a language other than English for communication Standard 2-students will develop cross-cultural skills and understandings. This will fulfill one requirement necessary for a High School diploma. At the end of this year, students will take a locally developed, final exam which includes a speaking component. All students must go on to 9th French to fulfill the above mentioned mandated state requirement. Text Used: Avancemos,  (Units 1-3) covered
    *This year's 7th grade class will complete the Checkpoint A requirement for a diploma at the end of 8th grade by passing the class and the Checkpoint A exam. These students will earn a high school credit in Spanish before entering the 9th grade.Spanish 1 Course Outline