The main goal of the Frankfort-Schuyler Central School's Physical Education Program is to prepare students to be able to participate in physical and recreational activities throughout their lives, and to prepare students to be able to maintain a high level of physical fitness and efficiency through knowledge and skills acquired.  The curriculum is designed to promote physical, social, and emotional well being of the students, by providing a variety of activities within a co-educational setting.  By taking into account individual differences, we hope to add to the overall interest and enjoyment in the physical education curriculum.  All students will participate in a variety of games and activities designed to develop and promote a positive, healthy lifestyle.
    Physical Education   (Grades:  9-12)   
    Physical Education in grades 9 through 12 will continue to build on the development of fundamental skills and fitness through participation in a variety of activities.  Emphasis will be placed on lifetime and recreational activities that students may pursue after graduation.
    Grade Level 9-12
    Credit:  1/2 credit per school year as mandated by NYSED
    *  Be on time
    *  Be prepared for class
    *  Be respectful of others
    *  Participate to the best of your ability!
    *  Follow directions and class rules
    TEN WEEK GRADES will be based on the following:
    Class Participation            60%
    Quiz, Tests, Homework      40%
    FINAL GRADE will be based on the following:
    1st Quarter Grade  =  20%
    2nd Quarter Grade  =  20%
    3rd Quarter Grade  =  20%
    4th Quarter Grade  =  20%
    Midterm Exam Grade = 10%
    Final Exam Grade    =  10%
    Numerical Averages will be converted to a LETTER GRADE:
    90 - 100  =  E
    80 - 89    =  S+
    70 - 79    =  S
    65 - 69    =  S-
      0 - 64    =  U
    Medically Excused - Class Absence - Unprepared for Class Participation
    Students medically excused from class must see the PE Teacher to arrange for alternate assignments.  
    Students who are tardy, absent, or non-participants in their regularly scheduled class must meet with the PE Teacher to arrange for make-up sessions and/or approved alternate assignment(s).