• There are many branches of physical science. This particular course studies the characteristics and interactions of matter and energy in the universe. An extensive unit on measurement and the scientific thought process will also be covered. Physical Science 8 is the third and final course in the middle school science program and provides the final opportunity to gain the necessary skills for the high school science courses.
    Course Outline
    Semester 1: Chemistry
    Unit 1:  Scientific Inquiry and Measurement
    Unit 2:  Properties of Matter
    Unit 3:  States of Matter
    Unit 4:  Atoms and Molecules
    Unit 5:  The Periodic Table fo the Elements
    Unit 6:  Chemical Formulas
    Unit 7:  Chemical Reactions
    Unit 8:  Solutions
    Unit 9:  Acids and Bases
    Semester 2: Physics
    Unit 10:  Motion
    Unit 11:  Forces and Gravity
    Unit 12:  Forces in Fluids
    Unit 13:  Work, Power, and Machines
    Unit 14:  Energy
    Unit 15:  Thermal Energy
    Unit 16:  Electricity
    Unit 17:  Magnetism
    Unit 18:  Mechanical Waves and Sound
    Unit 19:  The Electromagnetic Spectrum and Properties of Light