• On March 6, Frankfort-Schuyler held Kiwanis Night, a fundraiser featuring several different friendly basketball competitions between students. 


    All proceeds for the event went to benefit the Frankfort-Ilion Food Pantry!


    Hot Shot Contest Results:
    4th Grade Boys
    1st Place: Jason Monahan
    2nd Place: Mike Giambrone
    4th Grade Girls
    1st Place: Maryna Harrod
    2nd Place: Ella Drennen
    5th Grade Boys
    1st Place: Reese Bowen
    2nd Place: Jeremiah Ogeivich
    5th Grade Girls
    1st Place: Leigh Ferguson
    2nd Place: Vega Rosemyer
    6th Grade Boys
    1st Place: Jack Giambrone
    2nd Place: Nicholas Service
    6th Grade Girls
    1st Place: Giavanna Kaleta
    2nd Place: Isabella Paragi
    3 Point Contest Results:
    1st Place: Megan Munch & Levi Spina
    2nd Place: Hannah Banas & Jeffrey DeSarro
    3rd Place: Selena Mathews & Andrew Spina
    4th Place: Maria Luther & Michael DeRollo
    Jr. v.s. Sr. Game Winner: Seniors