• Rubric for Activist Presentation: 


    Title Slide:

    Title of the activist

    Your name


    Biography Slide: Who is your activist?

    Possible information to add: Age, where they are from, when did they start advocating, why did they start advocating, unique and interesting facts. Condense the material from your research paper into bullet points, not complete sentences. A photo of your activist.

    Problem Slide or What they are advocating for Slide:

    Possible information to add: Explain what the problem is. Why does your activist view this as a problem? Is this a problem elsewhere? What potentially could happen if it wasn’t solved? Condense the information from your research. 

    Solution Slide:

    Possible information to include: How are they working to help this problem? What is their foundation? When was it created? How has it helped? What is the goal of the foundation? Is it achieving their goal? Etc Again, condense the material you wrote in your research paper.

    Application Slide: Think about the problems in your town, state, country, or globally. What could you do to help? What has your activist taught you about activism and advocating for what you believe in? Do you have a potential solution to the problem?

    Really dig deep for this slide. It will be the only slide with complete sentences.

    Source Slide: Type all of the sources in MLA citation in alphabetical order. This includes the photographs. You can change the URL links into MLA citations through EasyBib or CitationGenerator.

    We have not learned how to cite photographs, you can simply include the URL from your photograph.

    Format: Slides 2-4 can be in bullet points. Slide 5: reflect and apply the content to your life in complete sentences. Add appropriate photographs to the slides (a picture of your activist, the problem, foundation logo etc.) Slide show should be readable. Adjust slide show format to fit your needs, this includes color, font size, transitions etc. Slides should be filled with necessary information despite font size. Spelling, grammar, punctuation count.