• English 8

    Miss Sylvester → Mrs. Steere

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! I am so excited to have your child in my English class. Writing and reading are extremely important and we will be doing a lot of it!

    Classroom expectations:

    • Be respectful. Respect yourself, your peers, your teachers, and the space
    • Follow all school rules (ex. Cell phones are to remain inside their lockers)
    • Be prepared
    • Be responsible for your learning (by participating and doing your work)
    • Complete all work on time and at the appropriate level
    • Plagiarism is not acceptable or tolerated.

    Major Units:

    • Reading closely for textual evidence
    • Making evidence based claims
    • Research to deepen understanding
    • Building evidence based arguments

    Independent Reading:

    • Students are expected to have their independent reading book with them at all times. They are reading during home-base and allotted class time.
    • Independent reading project. Once per quarter each student will create and present a book talk.
    • It will be graded as a test.
    • Reading area—students can utilize the reading area during flex seating times and independent reading.


    • We have a Chromebook cart in our classroom, students are assigned one number at the beginning of the school year. They are responsible for that number for the school year.
    • Students need to abide by the school technology rules while using the Chromebooks.

    Writing portfolio:

    • In lieu of a final test, the students’ final grade will be a compilation of their major writing assignments, one for each of the major units and a 5th chosen piece.
    • All writing assignments will stay in class.


    • Grades will be conducted on a point scale, the more important the assignment, the more points there will be for it.
    • Grades will be complied of: participation 10%, homework 15%, essays 30%, quizzes 20% and tests 25%.

    Connecting with me:

    • I am here, daily, from 2:50-3:20 pm. Students can always stay after school until 3:20. They can notify me they are coming by signing up at the front of the classroom.
    • I will always notify the students if, for some reason, my schedule has changed.
    • You can contact me at msylvester@Frankfort-Schuyler.org or at my phone number: (315)-895-7011 ext. 3206