• On March 8, the Frankfort-Schuyler Central School District chapter of the National Junior Honor Society held an induction ceremony to welcome its newest members.


    Superintendent Reina and Middle School Principal Mrs. Libritz presented new members with membership certificates recognizing their achievements in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Current members also received certificates recognizing one year of membership.


    New National Junior Honor Society Members that were inducted during the ceremony were:


    Class of 2023:

    Victoria Balio

    Madison Conigliaro

    Luke Critelli

    Nathan DiStefano

    Collin Dorozynski

    Tyler Grates

    Amber Jacobs

    Jaxsen Jasewicz

    Brandon Kosicki               

    Karina Lyubezhanina

    Destany Martinez

    Caleb McDonald

    Haley McKernan

    Jack McMurray

    Vanessa Miles

    Abigail Ogievich

    Tianna Riegler

    Benjamin Ruszala

    Lyubov Shikula

    Angelina Tangorra

    Olivia Teachout

    Cecilia Tofani

    Noah Welch

    Hunter Wittner

    Corey Wohler


    Class of 2022:

    Maria Lyubezhanin

    Julie Savitskiy