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  • Algebra 2 Syllabus

    Algebra 2


    Mrs. Cucci


    Course Description:  The purpose of this course is to satisfy the Algebra II requirement of the Common Core Mathematics Standards. This upper level course fits into an overall program of mathematics studies with a rigorous academic core by extending what students have learned in the introductory-­level mathematics courses as well as introducing more advanced topics. These advanced topics include linear equations, inequalities, and systems, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic, and Trigonometric functions, equations, and expressions.  Students should have passed both the Algebra I and Geometry Common Core Regent exams.


    Grading Policy: Approximately 96% Tests and Quizzes, 4% participation and homework.  Any student caught or suspected of cheating or copying will receive a zero and no make ups will be offered, this holds for tests, quizzes, homework, weekly projects, and corrections.


    Test Re-Takes: If a student is absent on a day of an exam, the exam must be made up by the next class day after the student returns in order to hold the validity of the exam.  Exceptions will be made for extended absences.


    Homework Policy:  Homework will be given and checked daily for completion.  Homework assignments will be graded on effort and completion. All assignments should be done to the best of the students’ ability and students are asked to come in for extra help when needed.  I do not accept late assignments, unless previous permission is given.  If a student is absent the assignment is due the day after the student returns.


    Weekly Projects:  Each week a ten-problem take home quiz will be given.  This quiz contains regents exam questions meant to help the students gain comfort with th

    e type of assessments they will be given.  I ask that the student complete these problems as they would a Regents exam.  The quiz will be graded as a Regents exam would be, partial credit may be given.  Students are allowed to use their notes and ask me for help when needed.  I do not accept late assignments, unless previous permission is given.


    Website and Google Classroom:  My website is meant to help students and parents aware of what has been done and what will be done in classes to come.  If a student is absent I ask that they go onto the website or google classroom and view the video from that date of absence.  The students are asked come prepared to the next class with any questions they may have.  If a student does not have Internet access at home, the schools library has many computers available for use during study halls.


    Absences:  All work from a missed class is required to be made up the day of the students return.  Missing a “review” day DOES NOT exempt you from taking a test scheduled for the day of your return.   

    Classroom Rules:  My classroom is meant to be a safe learning environment for all students.  If at any time I feel that a student is impeding the learning process for any other student, that student will be asked to leave.  My rules are simple,

    1. Come prepared with your calculator, work book, and writing utensil on time, daily.
    2. 3 Tardies during each 10 week period will result in a detention.
    3. Do not speak when others are speaking, this is common manners.
    4. Do not put down or make fun of any other student.
    5. Keep inappropriate language, comments, and visuals out of the classroom.  
    6. Try your best, and ask questions as soon as you feel the need!  Don’t hesitate; my goal is to leave no one behind.


    *  Any student who chooses not to abide by these rules will be asked to come in during their lunch period to show me that they understand how to behave in the classroom.

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