• The Capital Project, which was approved in January 2014, is progressing with the majority of work on schedule. A summary of what has already been completed and what is expected to be completed in the near future can be read below.

    Construction continues to progress at the elementary school, with several teachers moving into their newly renovated classrooms. Work continues on the elementary nurse’s office (located in the old main office), music room and music lesson room.

    The new main office, including a new main entrance for visitors was completed and became operational in early January. The roof on the five new classrooms is near completion. All of the existing classrooms have received new heating ventilators and shelving, and the new counter tops were installed. Classrooms in the primary and intermediate wings received new sinks. The cafeteria expansion was completed, and now allows for more tables and space in the cafeteria.

    In addition, the middle-high school auditorium was completed and the new lighting and sound systems were used during the high school production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella at the end of March.

    Several portions of the Capital Project were completed during the summer and fall of 2016. Both asbestos abatement projects in the elementary and in the middle-high school auditorium have been completed, as well as resurfacing of the track. The elementary school has undergone many updates, including a new designated bus loop and drop off zone, new elementary parking lot, and new playground. Floors were installed in the Secondary and Primary Wing, and classrooms have been painted

    Please check the district website for updates on the Capital Project, as well as photos of the progress of some of the projects.