College Now Offerings for Fall 2020: 


    • English 12 -> EN 111 English I: College Writing 
    • Sociology -> SS 161 Introductory Sociology 
    • Government -> SS 141 American Government 
    • Economics -> SS 185 Intro Macroeconomics 
    • Statistics -> MA 127 Mathematical Statistics 
    • Calculus -> MA 245 Calculus I 
    • Chemistry -> SC 125 Fund. Of Gen, Organic, and Biochem 
    • Culinary Chemistry -> SC 147 Science of Cooking 


    Please find attached the registration materials for Fall 2020 (Just Click on the link for each item):




    Students will register for their Spring courses at the end of Early Febraury. Spring Course Offerings are:

    • English 12
    • Psychology
    • Government
    • Economics



    Seniors who are graduating should request a transcript from Herkimer College to be sent to the college they are attending at the end of their senior year. There is a form they must complete and the cost is $14. Click this link for the Transcript Request Form This is the only way for their college now credits to be applied to their future college.