• All senior students will have the opportunity to apply for scholarships that are available through Frankfort-Schuyler High School. Students must apply for the scholarships and the scholarships will be awarded at Graduation in June.


    All scholarship applications will be posted on my google classroom. Each scholarship will be listed as an assignment and students should review the description, criteria, and directions for each scholarship to determine if they are eligible to apply. Each month between November and March, a group of scholarships (approximately 10 scholarships) will be released to the students. Below is the release dates:


    • November Scholarships: Released on November 2nd – Due November 24th
    • December Scholarships: Released on November 30th – Due December 22nd
    • January Scholarships: Released on January 4th – Due January 29th
    • February Scholarships: Released on February 1st – Due February 26th
    • March Scholarships: Released on March 1st – Due March 26th


    Students are able to apply to as many scholarships that they feel they are qualified for.  Students should also upload a copy of their activities list and/or resume when applying to help supplement their application (However they are not required to provide that information, it is only recommended). In April, all scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Award Committee to select the recipients for the Class of 2021.


    There are also additional FSCS scholarships available that will not be posted on my google classroom. These scholarships may be based solely on averages, regent exam scores, or other academic factors. Those scholarships will automatically be awarded to the student who meet the criteria.


                    If you have any questions regarding the Scholarship Application process, please call the Guidance Department at 895-7461. Every senior student should be applying to scholarships! Your child can also show you the scholarships listed on my google classroom if you want to review the scholarship opportunities with them. The committee looks at each student holistically, and not just at grades/GPA. I can meet with any senior to help advise the scholarship process. I did review the scholarship process with your child during their senior meeting and have posted information on my google classroom. If your child has any questions, please have them email me or schedule an appointment to meet with me!