• Builders Club 

    Builders Club, has over 46,000 members. It provides students with opportunities to develop leadership, improve self-esteem, increase community involvement and learn life skills through service. As you maneuver this “in-between stage” of life,Builders Club empowers you to be yourself, work together with friends, support
    your school, and support your community. Through Builders Club, you will become a leader at school, in your community, and in your world.
    Builders Club is a “student-led” organization that operates in school and is made up of members of the student body. It is a Kiwanis Club that is service-oriented.
    Service and fundraising
    Club members make an impact in their community and in their school by selecting projects that meet their community and school needs.
    How can we help OUR community?
    How can we better our school??