• It has been our experience as teachers of middle school students that kids tend to do much better in school when they have parents or guardians at home who are attentive to and involved in their education.

    Please take a few minutes each day to ask your child
    “How was school today?
    What did you learn?
    Did anything interesting or exciting happen?”
    Many parents feel that asking their children to see their homework completed each day shows mistrust;
    in fact, it shows that you are interested in what they are doing.
    By asking questions and checking their work, you are telling your children that you believe they, and their education, are important to you. 

     To help you keep up on what’s going on in your child’s daily life at school, we have a school website at

    where you can access daily homework assignments and other information for each course.
    We would also like to invite you to call or email any of your child’s teachers with questions
    or concerns at any time during the school year.
    You may contact us by email at
    or by phone at 895-7461 (leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP).