2019 - 2020



    The mission of the physical education program is to prepare students to participate in physical education and recreational activities throughout their lives and to maintain a high degree of physical fitness, health, and wellness through knowledge and skills acquired.  Physical education will promote the physical, social, and emotional well being of the students by providing a variety of activities within a co-educational setting.  By taking into account individual differences, we hope to empower all students to sustain lifelong activities as a foundation for a healthy, productive lifestyle.

    Physical education is an essential and required part of the educational process in the Frankfort-Schuyler Central School District.  The program is student-based with the focal points on participation and physical activity.  Physical education encourages and assists each student to develop socially responsible behavior, personal health and fitness, self-expression, fair play and teamwork, safety, and manipulative and motor skills.




    *     be on time                                   *    follow school and class rules

    *    be prepared & participate            *    perform to the best of your ability

    *    follow directions                           *   keep gum, food, candy, and drinks out of gym

    *    be respectful of others                *    help with equipment

    *    exhibit good sportsmanship          *    have fun




    • Be properly prepared for class.  Change into proper gym attire: athletic shorts/pants, t-shirt/sweatshirt, and sneakers.
    • All jewelry and piercings must be removed prior to class.
    • Lock all personal possessions and valuables in locker. They are your responsibility.
    • NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED!  School rules will be enforced.
    • Attendance is mandatory. Repeated tardiness will result in teacher assigned detentions or other forms of discipline according to district policy.
    • Medical excuses must be given to the nurse. Excuses for more than one day must be from a physician.
    • Keep the locker room, halls, and gym area clean.
    • Meet quietly in the hall for attendance and class instructions. 
    • DO NOT touch any equipment until instructed to do so.
    • After class, wait in the hall until the bell rings.




    Being prepared (complete change of clothes and sneakers) is an essential part of physical education.  It is not only important for safety reasons, but also teaches healthy practices and responsibility. Therefore, the following procedures will be used to encourage and work with students who are unprepared or cannot otherwise participate in class.


    Students that have been absent, are unprepared, or are medically excused from class must see the PE teacher to make up the class.


    1 day or short medical – Student will be given a task to complete during class.

    Long-term medical – Student will be given a written assignment/project to complete.

    Absences – Student may make-up the missed class during a study hall or after school for full credit (5pts.).

    Unprepared - Student must walk during class and will earn 2pts.. Students who do not walk will receive a zero for the class.






    Students may earn up to 5 points for each class based on the following criteria:


    • Preparation: changed into proper gym attire – 1 point
    • Participation:  contribution to class (and cooperation) & participation to the best of your ability– 2 points
    • Knowledge: demonstrate an understanding of rules, terms, skills, sportsmanship, and strategies via teacher  observation of games/activities and/or quizzes and worksheets – 2 points


    The student’s marking period grade will be determined by dividing the total points earned by the total possible points (# of classes x 5), and then the number will be converted into a letter grade as follows:


                      E (excellent) = 90-100     S+ (above average) = 80-89    S (average) = 65-79   U (below average/failure) = 64 or lower 


    The student’s final grade will be determined as follows:    Marking period 1 – 20%

                                                                                              Marking period 2 – 20%

                                                                                              Marking period 3 – 20%

                                                                                              Marking period 4 – 20%

                                                                                                        Final Exam - 20%






                                   Please feel free to contact me at Kludwin@frankfort-schuyler.org or 895-7461 ext.3132